Valentine's Gift Fragrances

If you’re looking for a Valentine’s gift that will wow your partner, our stunning hand-poured soy candles are the perfect option. Scented candles are the perfect accompaniment to a relaxing bubble bath, a good book, or a romantic dinner. Our range of scents, ranging from tropical fruitiness to elegant florals, offer the perfect Valentine’s gift for your loved ones.

The perfect Valentine’s gift 

Scented candles have the ability to create a cozy and intimate atmosphere, making them the ultimate romantic gift for Valentine's Day. The soft light and beautiful fragrance of a candle can help to set the mood for a special evening with your loved one. The versatility of scented candles makes them the ultimate Valentine’s gift regardless of what your significant other likes. They pair perfectly with flowers or chocolates, offering a romantic Valentine’s gift that your partner will be able to enjoy for longer thanks to their impressive burn times.

Our top fragrances this Valentine’s Day 

Lychee & Guava

If your significant other loves a romantic night in with a candlelight dinner, our Lychee & Guava candle makes the perfect Valentine’s gift. With top notes of lychee and lime peel and base notes of vanilla and coconut, this candle offers the ultimate flirty fragrance that your partner will adore. 

Passionfruit & Lime

For those who are dreaming of the perfect beach getaway, our Passionfruit & Lime candle allows you to experience a tropical paradise from the comfort of your own home. Featuring top notes of lime and raspberry and base notes of rose and vanilla, this candle makes the perfect Valentine’s gift for those who love a burst of tropical fruitiness. 


Wild Freesia & Lavender

Does your partner enjoy leisurely garden strolls, outdoor picnics and elegant floral scents? Our Wild Freesia & Lavender candle is the ideal Valentine’s Day gift for all floral lovers. Lavender is also a well-known scent for aiding sleep, and its potent scent means you can enjoy its benefits even after the candle has been blown out and it’s time for bed. Lavender is also known for reducing anxiety and calming the mind, making it the perfect way to wind down after a long day at work. Top notes of lime and lemon blend perfectly with base notes of amber and sandalwood to create the ultimate comfort candle.

Ready to find a Valentine’s Day gift that your partner won’t forget? Browse our range of stunning fragrances and find your flame today.