Perfects scents for Winter

Just like our appetites, our taste in scents changes from season to season. This is due to a number of factors, including the memories we associate with certain scents, the types of plants that flourish in each season, and the effects the scents have on our mood. In winter, we are likely to switch to comforting, woody and spicy aromas. 

Woody scents

Winter candles often contain a woody scent. The smell of wood is warm and calming, making it the perfect option for the cooler months. These scents can remind us of log fires, the forest and snuggling indoors. They have also been shown to positively affect mood, making them a favourable choice for anyone experiencing seasonal depression.


Cedarwood has been widely used in perfumery since ancient times. It has a mild scent and is often used as a base scent in fruit or flower-scented candles. It acts as a warm anchor, holding all the scents together. The smell of cedarwood has grounding properties and can promote relaxation, sleep and emotional balance. 


Sandalwood has a sweet, versatile scent, which is used as a base for many candles. It is especially known for its calming effect, which makes it a great option for someone experiencing stress or anxiety. 


Pine is an extremely popular Winter scent, as it is extracted from what is considered the traditional Christmas tree. It reminds many, especially those living in the northern hemisphere, of wintertime. Pine has a distinct, earthy scent, and is known for clearing the mind and promoting feelings of calm and happiness. 


Cinnamon is another common scent that is perfect for winter. For many, it brings with it the memory of baking, warmth and relaxation. Cinnamon has been shown to improve mood and concentration and can boost memory.


Like cinnamon, ginger is known for its distinct warm and spicy aroma. Used in many Winter recipes, such as apple pie and gingerbread, the scent is associated with the warmth of an oven, the winter holidays and relaxing with family.


Often dubbed the oil of empowerment, the scent of ginger essential oil has been shown to increase feelings of courage and self-confidence, as well as lift mood. This makes it a beneficial scent for anyone struggling with seasonal depression. 


If you’re having trouble deciding on a Winter scent, the classic vanilla is perfect all year round. It is helpful in reducing depression, and for many the scent also has positive childhood associations, promoting feelings of safety and calm. Paired with wood and spices, it can make the perfect addition to your home this Winter.